Meet Eileen Higgins

Your County Commissioner

Elected District 5 Commissioner in 2018, Eileen Higgins represents areas of Miami and Miami Beach with a commitment to keeping our communities safe, supporting small businesses, tackling our county’s affordability crisis, and improving transit.

Since her election, Eileen has been a vocal advocate for affordable housing and economic opportunity. She has championed numerous initiatives to bring transportation to underserved neighborhoods, construct and upgrade affordable housing, and support small businesses and entrepreneurs. She has spearheaded policies to protect renters from eviction, expedite permits for affordable housing developments, and preserve communities through Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing. Her focus on transit-oriented development has led to the creation of over 3,500 affordable housing units in District 5 alone.

Eileen is also a champion for economic opportunities, particularly for small businesses. She created the RISE Miami-Dade Fund, a $25 million revolving loan fund to support small businesses post-pandemic. Additionally, her Elevate District 5 program provides comprehensive support to small businesses, including access to capital, technical assistance, and networking opportunities.

As a downtown Miami resident and a regular rider of public transit, Eileen has long championed transportation solutions and the safety of walkable neighborhoods. She chairs the County’s Transportation Mobility and Planning Committee and the Transportation Planning Organization’s Urban Mobility Task Force. Under her leadership, significant advancements have been made in pedestrian priority zones and cycling infrastructure, including significant progress in completing The Underline linear park. As Chair of the National Association of Counties’ (NACo) Transportation Steering Committee, Eileen has also played a pivotal role in shaping transportation and infrastructure objectives at a national level.

A longtime champion for our environment, Eileen has taken bold action to preserve Biscayne Bay and build a sustainable future in Miami-Dade. She created Miami-Dade County’s Fertilizer Ordinance, a robust measure to protect Biscayne Bay, launched the Plastic Free 305 program, and strengthened the Sustainable Buildings ordinance.

With a background that includes serving as a Country Director in the Peace Corps and a diplomat in the U.S. State Department, Eileen brings a unique perspective and compassionate approach to local governance. Her problem-solving skills, honed through her engineering background and MBA from Cornell University, make her an effective leader dedicated to improving the lives of residents in District 5 and beyond.