Eileen’s Accomplishments

Transit and Mobility
  • Expanded cycling network of protected bike lanes in all parts of the district – Little Havana, Shenandoah, Miami Beach, Downtown and the Venetian Causeway
  • Opened first phase of The Underline Brickell Backyard and completed funding of the 10 mile linear park project
  • Secured federal funding for gold-standard South Corridor Bus Rapid Transit system
  • Implemented Better Bus Network bringing high frequency routes to 350,000 more residents, especially elderly, people of color and low income households, increasing access to jobs within one hour by >30%
  • Extended Brightline with Aventura train station connected to downtown
  • Funded $200M to upgrade MetroMover control system to improve reliability
  • Improved MetroMover security by transferring responsibility to the MDPD, increasing police presence, and installing real time cameras linked to the fusion center
  • Lowered Golden Passport replacement fees for seniors
Economic Development & Small Business Support
  • Created $25 million RISE Miami Dade Fund, the County’s first revolving loan fund that has provided 1200+ low-interest loans for small businesses since its inception. The RISE Fund has since been nationally recognized as a model for its impact in the community
  • Created robust financial Relocation & Expansion Incentive Program to encourage corporate headquarters or regional hub relocation to Miami-Dade County, which has already created more than 3,400 new jobs
  • Launched Elevate D5 program to foster a lasting supportive environment for District 5 small businesses by filling technology gaps at all levels and spurring growth through skills and access to capital. With programs in technology, AI, finance, digital marketing, and more, over 300 small businesses participated since its launch in 2022
Affordable Housing Policy
  • Identified 50+ acres of underutilized County land in her district alone. Maximized its potential for affordable housing, allowing efficient activation of state, local and federal HUD funding to preserve or create 3,500 affordable/workforce housing units in a five year period
  • Activated Historic Preservation Revolving Fund to purchase and renovate historic buildings and preserve them as affordable housing in Little Havana
  • Rescued 357 units of affordable housing from financial default, preserving 15 historic buildings in Miami Beach
  • Expanded eviction protections by expanding notice from 15 to 60 days for month-to-month renters
  • Implemented a 60-day fair rent notice requirement for landlords increasing rents by more than 5%
  • Reduced water and sewer hookup fees for new small affordable housing developments by hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • Eliminated impact fees for construction of workforce and affordable housing developments
  • Created dedicated 30-year affordable housing funding stream to rehabilitate, preserve, or build affordable housing in North Beach Community Redevelopment Agency  
  • Funded Right to Counsel for residents facing evictions without legal representation
Fighting for Working Families & Good Jobs
  • Started Children’s Savings Accounts to give all kindergarteners an early start on the path to economic success
  • Uncovered unhealthy and unsafe working conditions at Miami International Airport. After testifying before Congress, a landmark nationwide collective bargaining agreement was signed to improve working conditions at eight airports nationwide
  • Supported Justice for Janitors campaign with SEIU in commercial office buildings to improve wages and benefits for workers
  • Added Paid sick days for more than 1,000 County security guards
  • Expanded living wage requirements for airport concessionaires, moving workers from $10/hr to $17+ with health insurance, and expanded living wage protections to healthcare serve personnel 
  • Killed anti-living wage legislation in Tallahassee, which would have reduced 30,000 workers to $11/hr
  • Expanded responsible wage protection for construction projects
  • Increased wages for county security guards facing record housing costs
  • Expanded access for non-college graduates to thousands of County jobs by implementing skills-based hiring practices. Opened more than 100 county job classifications  to residents by allowing work experience and certificates  to substitute for a 4-year college education
  • Spearheaded initiative to eliminate unnecessary drivers license suspensions due to spiraling fines and fees that adversely affects hundreds of thousands of drivers from communities of color.
The Environment, Biscayne Bay & Our Beaches
  • Created Florida’s strongest fertilizer ordinance, banning fertilizer during the rainy season to prevent fish kills and revive Biscayne Bay
  • Established countywide  Fertilizer Awareness Week
  • Funded beach renourishment projects to protect from erosion and storm surge
  • Required septic tank disclosures on all real estate transactions to protect new homeowners
  • Doubled funding for Million Trees Miami-Dade to fight excessive heat by adding shade tree canopy
  • Started Countywide Plastic Free 305 program to certify businesses that eliminate plastic and styrofoam
  • Required Florida Friendly landscaping for all County projects and added tree canopy on major roads – 17th Avenue, 22nd Avenue and NE 1st Ave
  • Strengthened Sustainable Buildings ordinance to ensure all County buildings, affordable housing, and infrastructure projects are prepared for the future challenges of the green energy transition, sea level rise, and climate change
  • Strengthened flood protection elevation regulations to harden our built environment and add protection from flood risks for developing and redeveloping properties to reduce risks from sea level rise
Equality, Accessibility and Equity
  • Created Miami-Dade’s County’s first LGBTQ Advisory Board to identify business and social practices that will advance equality and opportunity in Miami-Dade. 
  • Passed countywide legislation opposing Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill
  • Designated October as LGBTQ History Month
  • Created LGBTQ services assessment to  understand and respond to the service needs of its LGBTQ residents, visitors, and businesses
  • Funded County’s first wheelchair accessible oceanside park and center designed to give residents and visitors with disabilities easy and safe access to the beach and ocean.