Eileen’s Priorities

Traffic & Transit
  • Improve Reliability

  • Expand Routes

If you ride public transit, like I do, you know Miami-Dade needs more reliable transit options – both bus and rail. There’s too much traffic and too many unfinished road construction projects. We need local officials who demand that these projects finish on time to get traffic flowing again and that they always keep pedestrian safety and small businesses in mind.


Crossing the causeways is an ordeal. Apart from the frustrating inconvenience, our County’s economy is at risk if we don’t implement solutions soon. We need County leaders who are ready to act on transit now.

Our Economy
  • Attract Higher Wage Jobs

  • Grow Small Businesses

Our district is one of the start-up capitals of the United States, but we need to help these new local businesses scale up. That’s why we need a commissioner who will fight to keep these new businesses in our community and connect them to resources, expanding their ability to grow. This means higher-paying jobs at the new companies themselves, and a resulting benefit to the community as we attract more entrepreneurs and fresh ideas for the County.

Affordable Housing
  • Smart Housing Development

  • Housing We Can Afford

Our housing costs are skyrocketing out of control. We all know someone who has made the decision to live in another part of the County or leave Miami-Dade because rent was too high. In turn, this hurts small businesses that lose potential customers.


I will work for reasonable solutions to our out-of-control rent. Affordable housing builds safe, successful, connected communities, and that’s why keeping our district affordable is a priority.

  • Ban Conversion Therapy

  • LGBTQ Rights

It is unbelievable that in 2023 Miami-Dade County has still not banned conversion therapy and that we live in a state that does not have non-discrimination protections for LGBTQ community members. I commit to being an advocate for the LGBTQ residents of the county and beyond, and I will vote to protect their rights every chance I get.

  • Prioritize Outreach

  • Find Compassionate Solutions

The sad fact that hundreds of our neighbors live on the street concerns me deeply. Chronic homelessness is not easy to solve, but our local experts all agree that we need more funding for daily, consistent outreach that assists people in finding a safe place to stay and a path out of poverty.


As Commissioner I am committed to representing this vulnerable population while improving the quality of life for local residents and businesses. I want to hear from all involved stakeholders to make District 5 a safer, more friendly place.

Sea Level Rise
  • Prevent Flooding

  • Prepare for the Future

The horrifying flooding we experience during king tide and after storms is a stark reminder of what we’ve known for a long time: our district is vulnerable to rising seas. We need commissioners who take this threat seriously. From drainage to street levels, every building project must consider what we can do to keep District 5 above water.

Our Environment
  • Clean Energy

  • Keeping Miami Beautiful

Miami-Dade County can’t lead in the 21st century if we continue to rely on 20th century technology. We should make smart investments that conserve our taxpayer dollars and our natural resources. I’ll promote adoption of renewable energy, electric vehicles, and energy efficiency for all County buildings. I’ll oppose any attempt to frack or drill offshore. Our drinking water and beaches are priceless public assets and I won’t allow them to be threatened for private development. Water quality in both the Miami River and our precious Biscayne Bay continues to need protection. I will continue to fight for this vital natural and economic resource.

Reducing Gun Violence
  • Common-Sense Regulations

  • Safe Neighborhoods

Through my work on PACT’s gun violence intervention committee, we’ve received funding to rollout a new gun violence intervention program for the County. This program has proven to reduce violence in neighborhoods facing the highest rates of gun violence, and I’m proud we are bringing it to Miami-Dade County. As a long-time member of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense, you can depend on me to make sure that the County takes every step it can to implement gun sense regulations, like stopping the sales of guns on County property and at our Youth Fairgrounds.